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Handshake Studio has had the pleasure of adding a new face to the Handshake Team. Introducing Julie who started out as our intern in May, helping out with SoMe at Handshake.

She is now our new apprentice. Skilled in many fields she holds real know how within Art History, visual story telling, DIY crafts and she is a real nerd when it comes to sources of inspiration for her illustrations.

Julie has a background and degrees in Art History and Visual Culture. She is now entering a new chapter of her life learning the craft of tattooing at Handshake Studio on her way to becoming a tattoo artist.

Julie's artwork and illustrations are very much transferable to tattooing. Her style is inspired by lithography and engraving, and the subject matter is often reminiscent of fairytales, mythology and creature design.

"I have always been fascinated by the way people have continuously told stories throughout history and expressed themselves and their ideas through art and writing. I am particularly passionate about narratives and art found in Weird Fiction, Occultism, Horror, Folklore and Mythology. And within Art History, I have always had an interest in the symbolism and narratives found in the art created by the Preraphaelites."

"This fascination led me to my studies in Art History and Visual Culture. I have also always loved to draw, but I've had a break from it during my studies. In the last few years, however, I've rediscovered my passion for drawing and started looking into becoming a tattoo artist. "

Julie has experience with managing projects that involve communication and coordination with lots of creative people. She has been working at festivals and done everything from SoMe, graphic design, admin and in general been used to juggling a lot of responsibility for big events before joining us at Handshake.

She will therefore also take part in helping out with SoMe on a daily basis.

Be sure to follow her progression during her apprenticeship on her instagram account

She is now tattooing on skin and we will be looking for fresh canvases at an exceptionally fine price. Get in touch with us at to book in with Julie for you next tattoo.


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