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Handshake Studio has had the pleasure of having a new face on the Handshake Team. Introducing Julie our new intern/apprentice. Skilled in many fields she holds real know how within; art history, DIY specialist , visual story telling and a real nerd in drawing illustrations.

With background and degrees in Art History and Visual Culture - Julie is now entering a new chapter where her tattoo artist adventure is about to begin.

To say the least her artwork and illustrations are truly astonishing - and definitely transferable to tattooing.

That's why Julie she has been granted an apprenticeship at Handshake.

Julie has a lot of experience in managing big projects that involve communication and coordination with lots of creative people. She has been behind film festivals and everything from SoMe, graphic design and in general used to be juggling with big arrangements before joining us.

Hence she will be helping with SoMe on a daily basis.

As mentioned earlier Julie has always been drawn to story telling, as she expressed it:

"I have always been fascinated by the way people have continuously told stories throughout history and expressed themselves and their ideas through art and writing. I am particularly passionate about narratives and art found in Weird Fiction, Occultism, Horror, Folklore and Mythology."

"This fascination led me to my studies in Art History and Visual Culture. I have also always loved to draw, but have had a break from it during my studies. In the last few years, however, I have rediscovered my passion for drawing and visual storytelling and started pursuing the dream of becoming a tattoo artist. "

Be sure to follow her progression as she soon starts to tattoo on skin, we will be looking for fresh canvases at an execptionally fine price. We are making a list for those who might be interested in getting a tattoo done by Julie.

write us

Have a great day and enjoy the sun.

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