Well versed in all styles, we offer specially tailored tattoos for the individual with no exceptions.


Mike started to do tattoos in 2011, after being in the advertising business as a graphic designer always longing for something more creative.
Advertising has definitely had the impact of how Mike sees a tattoo should be; solid, readable at all distances - dense in detail and yet hold a graphic satisfaction for even the untrained eye.
Being a hardworking rebellion have enlighten Mike to embrace his passion in a playful, naive way and still in a perfectionist manner.
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Tattoosved does custom traditional tattoos, mostly designs with bold outlines and solid fillings, but his always up for doing something different. Geometric patterns, dotwork or fine lining are also among his favorites designs.

Besides tattooing Tattoosved is also a craftsman being solid in building and tuning tattoomachines. Tattoosved has a lot of crafty skills , but is at the core a true nerd when it comes to creating designs and understanding business. To add up Tattoosved also has a background in economics and philosophy.


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Introducing a new member of the Handshake family, the Geometric wizard and dotwork specialist @marcushammertattoo 

Marcus work is super sharp, and he freehands a lot of his work. Also he loves doing bodysuits and is great at tribal, geometric, Norse and dotwork styles.

Drawn by hand, lined and dotted by the freehand phenomenon and resident artist. 

Marcus loves to out nerd historical, religious and cultural artwork and has a great interest in the backgrounds and stories behind tribal patterns and symbolism. Besides being in the studio he enjoys being a real gaming nerd.