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There is a sincere focus on high hygiene standards and a ultra clean enviroment.


You are commissioning an artist for their work.
The artist will need creative freedom to perform the artwork at an optimal level which will reflect their professional tattoo experience, knowledge, sense of design, expression of emotion, drawing skills and vision of the final artwork that will be placed on your body.
The artist must tattoo their artwork in their own style. Keep in mind, what you expect might be different from how the professional design process works. There are size, composition, positioning, muscle groupings, color tones and various issues that are frequently not considered by many clients.
All such considerations will be thought through by your artist, using our experience.

When that is being said, we consider the process of

right design for each client by keeping a dialogue until both parts agree. Note that the customer has to be very clear in communicating, to make the artist accept any corrections, we may have to charge extra. And this will rest on the chosen aesthetic as well as the length of time that you are able to wait .


Any third party opinion or request will not be considered. This is a collaboration between you and your artist. If you want your partner or friend to help decide what you have tattooed then we recommend selecting a walk-in studio where they will complete any request. For the most professional results, we can only take your ideas and references as a direction or concept for the artwork. Other than this you cannot have complete influence on the final result. Charges are evaluated before the session itself depending the size and detail of the tattoo.


We only use disposable grips/tubes and needles. For single use per customer to be on the forefront of the most sterile standards in the industry.  Every interacting piece involved used in the process of the tattoo session is wrapped with disposable covers to maintain a clean enviroment. Regarding the tattoo machines,  we use both traditional tattoo machines and silent but effective rotary machines to minimize trauma to the skin in the process. Also our technique is to be effective and not overworking the tattooed area. This is to help a consistent result for after the tattoo heals.


The ink we use are bought through a licensed and highly secure distributor in Germany. We only purchase ink from our distrubitor and make sure they have both US and European standard certificates. All exceed the most stringent international hygiene requirements, have been triple tested for purity.


Besides disposable needles and plastic grips, all ink, caps, water-proof bed covers, plastic sealants, table covers, cable covers, disposable pillow cases and any potential area that might come in contact with skin is one-time use equipment and will be disposed of after each session.


Check out our link to the print-friendly pdf about aftercare and how to get the best results for your new tattoo. 

Aftercare instruction: Danish or English
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