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Hope you all enjoyed the holidays! We've been having a lot of questions regarding the new tattoo ink regulations by the EU (REACH) how this affects us and our tattooing. Keep calm - we are still doing awesome tattoos and follow the requirements from EU (REACH) and also the already existing tattoo law (that was introduced almost 2 years ago) that all tattooers in Denmark have to follow and register to all together with a mandatory certified hygiene course. Our colours up until now already had certifications from EU and FDA (USA) and we register every color used for at least 5 years as the law demand for your information :) that being said we have the new and REACH compliant inks with certificates and safety data sheets as required so you safely can continue to get tattooed.

We welcome to start your next tattoo adventure, for more information check out the booking page.

Thanks for your support!


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