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As we all know, the people of Ukraine are suffering from the aggression of Putin and we feel committed to helping the families and soldiers of Ukraine as much as we can.

The event will take place the 16th of april at 10.00. The attending artists will do flash designs for 700 kroner each - 100% of the money earned will be donated to support the victims of war. Our support goes directly to our guest artists and friends Dima and Pauline who are collecting money for the victims in southern Ukraine. We start at 10:00 and will be doing flash until 18:00. So come have a good time, while we support our friends in Kyiv with all we can. We'll have snacks, music, and beer.

Rules: Each design is 700 Kr each They can/will be done multiply times First come, first served Designs will be posted on our Facebook event and on the stories of Instagram.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the studio <3


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