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Introducing a new member of the Handshake family and will be joining us the start of January 2021 , Evelyn Deetz also known as @evelyndeetzart on Instagram.

Hungarian-born artist with a background in fine arts and illustration - Evelyn’s hands are possesed in creating eminent illustrative blackwork, with inspiration from folklore, fairytales and medieval themed objects, for an example the sound collection of malecious weapons like the morningstar. And she also executes excellent realism.

Besides having a good eye for the occult, oddities and dark - Evelyn is also a highly educated workhorse, with a degree in marketing & communcation, graphic design and printmaking making her stand out as an indeed professional individual aswell as her tattoo etiquette.

Being fully finished with her apprenticeship under Ruben Langsted of Death Or Glory in Copenhagen, Evelyn has learned from the best - attaining great technique, being well versed in realistic tattooing style along with finelining, dotwork and lots of black and intricate details - is proberly the best way to describe how she executes her pieces.

Besides tattooing she enjoys spending a lot of time on her illustrations and making sure her webshop runs smoothly, walking Luci the doggo and nerding out sculpting or painting.

If you are worshipping black ink as much as we are - you should definitely have a talk with Evelyn about how she can make your dark dreams come true.

If you are interested in booking Evelyn for a tattoo session or a consultation, do not hold back from filling our Booking form and she will reply as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading!


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