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Halloween party in a tattoo shop. Handshake studio - Sølvgade 34

23TH OF OCTOBER FROM 11.00-17.00

Covid-666 is on the retreat and we finally feel comfortable, once again, to host our annual

"Halloween at Handshake Studio" party. Spooky season is our favorite season of the year and after a long and boring pandemic with a bare minimum of parties and fun, we're here to save you. As usual, we'll have snacks, coffee, cold drinks, beer, and a whole bunch of new tattoo designs by various artists from the studio. They will be available for 500 kr. and goes by the first come, first served principle. Except for excellent tattooing, we will also provide snacks, homebrewed beer, and Halloween punch for those who dare to consume the elixir of death. As an extra spooky feature, we'll have a fortune teller with us in the studio, ready to help you choose the right design. This year's spooky inspiration will come from traditional tarot cards, so if you want a unique tattoo experience, then come down and let the fortune teller decide your fate. Not in the mood for a new tattoo(?!!?!), feel free to drop by anyway and say hi and grab some snacks and a beer. Rules for getting tattooed: * The designs will vary in size and detail. Designs will be posted up until the event.

*Various artists from the studio will attend with their designs. * One Tattoo is 500 Kr. and can/will be done multiple times.

Rules for unveiling your future: COMING SOON


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