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MARO INK We're very happy to announce that the Århus-based artist Mathilde Roussau will be joining us at handshake studio from May 17th -19th. She will be working at the studio 3 days only, so be quick to grab your own spot while she is guesting us in Copenhagen. Mathilde is proficient in intricate and delicate fineline tattoos with a fun and modern take on her designs.

Mathilde is 28 years old and is originally from Fredericia, but now she lives and works in Århus. Since she was little, creativity has always played a vital part in her life and she has been tattooing since 2020.

“The passion for drawing and painting has always been present in my life, but it wasn’t until I tuned 25 that I realized I wanted to become a tattoo artist.”

“The way in which you can express yourself through the artistic process and practice of permanent decoration of bodies is just amazing and really speaks to me and moves me.”

“My hope is to continuously evolve and better my skills within this inspiring industry of tattooing, along side the highlt proficient and wonderful people I meet along the way.”

For booking send her an email with your name and phone number as well as a small description of your idea for your tattoo with reference pictures for the design. Send her some info about the size and placement - you are also very welcome to send a picture of yourself where you have marked the placement for the tattoo. Please write which date you are interested in booking directly via her instagram at


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