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A N D R E A S R A H B E K We're happy to announce that tattoo artist Andreas Rahbek will be joining us at Handshake Studio on the 3rd -7th of July. He will be working 5 days only, so be quick to ensure your own spot for a unique tattooing experience.

Andreas is proficient in microrealism and surrealist inspired tattoos with where he often creates pieces which are combined of elements with intricate details and then simple bolder lines.

Before Andreas began tattooing, he was a professional athlete in gymnastics, but when he found a passion for drawing, his friends began encouraging him to look into the possibility of becoming a tattoo artist and he then began seeking out an apprenticeship.

At the end of 2021, Andreas became an apprentice and began tattooing at the beginning of 2022. He is now ready for new challenges and wants to travel while exploring his passion for tattooing.

“My inspiration mainly comes from feelings and experiences I’ve had - and I also draw a lot of inspiration from music which is another passion of mine.”

"The feelings I experience when listening to music that moves me is something I often use when expressing myself visually in my my designs”.

For booking send Andreas an email with a small description of size, placement, motive and what date you are interested in booking at


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