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We are happy to announce that Christian Albrechtsen will be guesting Handshake Studio doing his first solo exhibition at Handshake Studio Vesterbro , June 7th 2024. Besides showcasing local creatives and taking part in their creative journey, we find networking with other creatives, both tattooers and non-tattooers, an important and giving part of creating.


Event information can be found on the facebook event:

Christians work can be found on his instagram: @albrechtsen84


Christian Albrechtsen (b.1984) is a painter living and working in Copenhagen. He grew up in Denmark, but he always had an eager to see the world and hes love for big scale nature brought him to USA and Norway.

From a early age he was intrigued and fascinated by art and why we humans have the need to express ourself? 


The changeability of life explores the fact that life is constantly changing and chaos and in the same time still following some strict rules which we can’t change. That life goes in circles, constantly and beauty of that. That we all know we are gonna die, and that awareness makes us appreciate it more.  


“I often think that this the best time of my life. That everything is so perfect. What I wouldn’t give to stay forever in this moment of time”.

We are like flowers, we bloom so briefly and then we transcend

For more information about the event, go to:


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