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We are very proud to present to you Silvia Gonzalez Pons and Leonie Bülow as our next two guest artists, They will join us at Handshake Studio from the 9-11th of February 2022. All the way from Hamburg Germany, they are both good friends of Handshake Studio and normally have their tattoo home in Kodiak Tattoo, as some might be familiar with since our former guest Broderson comes from the same studio.


Silvia's style is a combination of microrealism and illustration with an adept eye for compositions

and has a real good knack for fine handwriting and animal portraits.

"For me, art is an integral part of everyday life. It surrounds us everywhere and I like to be inspired by things that are not that obvious. This way, every tattoo can be unique."

Silvia’s deep relationship with art began as a toddler at the age of four. Over the years she developed a passion for working with different materials and fabrics. Silvia then decided to leave her homeland of Menorca to study in Barcelona. She had her first contact with traditional tattooing in Thailand and then found her place in Hamburg at KODIAK.

Besides being a nice and chilled person to be around, Silvia is an artist in all aspects of life: she draws, photographs, makes music, paints and organizes her own exhibitions. She somehow manages to stock a beach cooler with prosecco supplies for 20 people (also an art).

For bookings with Silvia send an email with a small description of size, placement, motive and what date you are interested in booking at

You can check out her portfolio via


Leonie's style is dominated by contrasts out of thick and thin lines. Her designs are organic, abstract, floral and illustrative, and she likes to play with structures. Her portfolio extends over landscapes, city maps, flowers and grasses, abstract organic shapes and bracelets to animals in her typical style.

"The females who raised me were independent craftswomen and influenced my understanding of freedom immensely. I’ve spend most of my early years in flower shops, horse staples and hairdressing salons and was surrounded by people who instilled a thirst for art inside of me that I tried to keep quiet, but couldn’t. "

"After years of working in the fashion industry and studying business administration while living in Berlin, Istanbul and Zurich I followed my heart to Hamburg. In 2016 I was given the chance to become Kodiak Tattoo´s first apprentice while doing my second university degree in graphic design. My fascination for tattooing has been following me ever since I was 15 years old and it was finally time to listen to my inner voice."

All of these aspects flow through me every day, they tell my story and by understanding my own I want to understand those of others too. It’s peoples stories that I want to visualize and turn their visions into pieces of art.

For bookings with Leonie send an email with a small description of size, placement, motive and what date you are interested in booking at

You can check out her portfolio via

We hope you are as excited as we are about these amazing artists,

if you are looking for unique tattoos like these - feel free to contact them!

Thanks for reading.

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