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Officially open for bookings now with our eyes peeled towards the opening April 6th ! We are so excited to be back creating awesome tattoos fulfilling your tattoo-needs. Denmark is finally opening the tattoo business, but with some special terms to limit the spread of CoVid19.

Therefore we will only book customers who comply with our new safety measures,

please read below!

The reopening of the community is at a slow and controlled pace as the government has decided that tattoos and other businesses with one-on-one contact can resume working, provided great care is taken-both by the employee as well as the customer. Therefore, to reduce the spread of infections of respiratory infections, we are introducing strict hygiene measures that will be a permanent part of our work in the future.

The purpose of the measures we introduce is to protect both customers and employees. Hence the importance that ALL customers comply and follow our instructions so that we can reduce the risk of infections and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Although our workflow is made more difficult by the coronavirus, we at Handshake Studio would like to take the lead to ensure a safeand good experience.

Just like we always have. As trained professionals in hygiene and daily limiting infections and spreading other diseases - we work with sterile equipment in an ultra-clean environment. You can safely get tattooed with us,it will be a bit different, but with the same conditions as you are used to.

The focus will largely be on you as customers and your action in the shop.We will go through a number of measures we expect to be followed and we will do our best to instruct you to have as comfortable and safe an experience in the study as possible. It is important that neither the employees nor our clients get sick and bring it home to our families.

Before Arriving

• The goverment demands that you can show a corona-passport that shows either

1) If you are fully vaccinated against CoVid-19

2) That you have a negative test (PCR or Quicktest) latest 72 hours before the appointment

3) Have been through the process of being infected and no longer are contagious.

You can document this by showing us your negative results through the app ”Min Sundhed”

Or if you dont have a smart phone you can also show us a print with a valid result.

• It is not allowed to bring friends / family to your session.

• For illness symptoms, cancel your time. This applies to all illnesses. Please don’t attend a rave party the day before arriving.


• Hands are disinfected with alcohol as soon as you enter the studio. The outerwear is hung on a hanger.

• If using phone and headphones, these are too be disenfected before using anywhere in the studio.

• Hands are washed from above the elbow and down, and disinfected again. • Avoid touching surfaces and unnecessarily touching things, handles, books, etc.

• Avoid all contact with the face, including the eyes, nose and mouth.

• You will be provided with a face mask to wear during the entire session. For longer sessions than 3 hours, ½ break is introduced to protect lungs.

• Unfortunately, no coffee or anything else is served. We provide water in disposable mugs if needed.

• Intake of food will only be accepted in certain situations.

Our Work Routine

• More frequent and thorough cleaning, including many repetitive “risk areas” including door handles, toilet, etc. • Max 2 employees and 2 customers in the same room at the same time. • Updating all customers on if an outbreak happens we can trace back the possible chain of infections. • No walk-ins. We only tattoo appointments and reserve the right to choose the projects that are most suitable at this time, also if the body location of a certain tattoo project is too corona-risky the artist will let you know. • Additional protective equipment is used, including face mask by both tattoo artist and customer.

We are really looking forward to seeing you and doing some great projects together.

It will be different for both you and us, but we are sure the same

Handshake Studio vibe and the unity we had before the corona will be present.

Thank you for your support and the understanding we expect you have with us.

Thousands of virtual handshakes from us, Mike, Emil, Marcus, Sofie, Evelyn, Tobias & Pola.

Download the Instructions for Tattoo Clients

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