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How design and placement of your tattoo can emphasize your body.

Tattoos are the ultimate expression and shows that you dertermined with your thoughts and logic that this piece of art would have its home in your skin in the name of permanence.

In a world filled with endless possibilities in how a tattoo can fit on your body, a tattoo with the proper design can make your tattoo stand out from the other random tattoos seen out there.

A lot of tattooveterans and tattoocollectors keep mentioning the importance of the placement of your tattoo. Even a simple tattoo without significant complexity can suddenly become a speciel touch of design when placed at that sweetspot.

For some professional tattooers it comes to them in an instant maybe by intuition or as for most by many years of practice. The skill evolves for those who seek it, and to the ones who keeps asking that “WHAT IF”.

My input here is to make a readable guide it and make a small guide into how i do my daily practice in enhancing the designs to compliment your body’s flow, muscles, feminine or masculine and overall move from a flat drawing to a dynamic design that works from most angles.

My choice of design is as you have aldready guessed; Floral

The reason for this is that the world of plants and flowers are in general very easy to mold in the process of making a design fit to the unique shape.

And in this case I want to connect the different visual surfaces that goes from the inner wrist all the way to right under the elbow.

First of I try to define the 3 surfaces of the underarm; Backside, front and inner. Hereafter a straight line through the front to measure and find the centerline, this helps me as a grid to define the dynamic motion of the design by swiveling a "S" from one surface to the last.

On the way the different directions of the muscle groups inspires me to put leaves in those directions also start folding them gives me another opportunity hitting as many underlying directions. This gives yet another depth of dynamics and emphasize the design to be integrated to that persons body.

The result has the effect as i hone for - it makes me want to look at the picture just one more time in awe! I use a lot of time on all my drawings to keep on refining, reducing and restarting to reach a satisfying expression that is readable both far away and also very close.

Another good way of measuring is just to be sure everyone can decode what this motive is supposed to be no matter the angle (even selfies) you encounter with another stranger or camera - if this is achieved then the tattoo will also deliberately be shown more.

Thanks for your time reading, and hopefully getting a bit more inspired getting beautiful tattoos :) For more info or booking , or write me an email

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