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Due to the contagious CoVid-19 we're following the advice of the danish goverment: Avoid all pshycical contact to other people. All appointments will have to be rescheduled and the studio will be closed until further notice. All affected by this, will be contacted within the next days to reschedule. Deposits will NOT be lost. ⁠ We're doing this to protect our clients and their families, as to protect ourselves. Though times are ahead, but we're certain that the strong spirit of the Danish community will carry on through the darkest hours of this crisis. Helping each other and keeping each other safe is now our top priority and to do so, we need to avoid each other for some time. ⁠ A big special thanks to all our customers who works as nurses, policeofficers, dustmen etc. for keeping us all safe and running. You are the real heroes of today and we hope this crisis will give society food for thought on who the real rolemodels are.⁠ To those of you in isolation, spend the upcoming time to recharge your batteries, read the books you never started on and be prepared to give it all you got when returning to work, because we need it. Be sure to get a haircut from your local barber, buy local food and be supportive to the small businesses, who unfortunately are bleeding at the moment.⁠ We're always a step ahead and we can assure you that we will stand tall whenever this crisis is gone. When we return, we will return with tons of designs and new concepts and renewed energy. ⁠ Take care and remember: The darkest nights produce the brightest stars.⁠

! Latest update, we are now forced closed by the goverment until March 13th 2020 !

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