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We're proud to announce that we'll be representing Denmark in Ozzy Osbourne's upcoming "GLOBAL TATTOO + ALBUM LISTENING EVENT" in celebration of his 17th album release. Who else can pull off a worldwide tattoo event other than The prince of Darkness? In 50+ cities around the world, you'll be able to get an ozzy-inspired tattoo and hear the album before anyone else. Yeah, that's right, before anyone else. The event is first come, first serve, were you'll be able to choose from exclusive designs made by us and approved by the prince of darkness himself and his team.

So let's celebrate Rock'N'Roll the 20th of February at Handshake Studio and get a listen to his new album before anyone else and enjoy a cold beer in great company. We're open for Walk-in all day from 12.00-20.00. We made a mini F.A.Q below to make sure you guys know whats up.

What kind of design can I choose from? You can choose from 17 different designs no bigger than a palm size, made by 2 of our resident artists which each their distinctive style. You'll also be able to look through our Wannado-designs, since we'll be open for walk-in tattoos as well. Be on the look-out on our instagram @handshakestudio to see the designs. Why are you doing this? We got contacted by the team behind to participate in the event and we couldn't say no to celebrating one of the biggest legends in Rock'N'Roll history of all time. Will Ozzy Osbourne be there? Unfortunately not. Being the Prince of Darkness is hard work and he won't be able to touch all the dark souls of Denmark. But being part of the worlds biggest listening and tattooing event in Rock'N'Roll history sure is something. What is the price range of the designs? We'll be doing these designs at a exclusive price of 500Kr - 1000Kr in the spirit of Rock'N'Roll. So wear your battle-vest and get a memorable Ozzy-souvenir that'll last a lifetime. How can I pay? You can pay with mobilepay and cash. Do I have to be 18 to get tattooed? Yes. No exceptions. What time is it and do I need to sign up? It goes by the first come, first serve principle and all you have to do is show up between 12-20 on the 20th of February and we'll tattoo you on spot. All designs will be done once, so be there in time to reserve your favorite design. Can I bring a friend? Bring friends. Get tattoos. Celebrate Ozzy with us.

We can't wait to see you all for an awesome day with Ozzy Osbourne on repeat, cool tattoos and a cold beer together with other Ozzy fans. For more information go Ozzy Osbourne's official site

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