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Whether you're getting your first tattoo or you're adding your 34th tattoo to your collection, choosing the right tattoo can be difficult. While some undergo monthly long processes of intense and deep tattoo-reflections - others blindly pick a design from the book, completely trusting us with our own designs. Tattoosved made a small guide to answer some of the most common questions asked regarding the choice of your next cool tattoo. So if you're dreaming about getting tattooed at Handshake Studio or any other studio, here's a few good advices to bring along your next tatty adventure.

What to get? A rather important part of the process is deciding what to get. Some people already know exactly what they're getting, others have a rough idea and some has no clue. So is it going to be a butterfly or maybe 7-eyed mechanical dragon? Here are a few good advices regarding your next tattoo design. Be open-minded. Most artists in modern tattooing will guide you towards a better decision. Our expertise and knowledge will help you "dodge a bullet", so that you won't end up getting the same design as the 1.501.294 other people that found the same pinterest photo. While pinterest and other social medias is a good place to research, the chance of getting something original is 0.01% and we often see the same references again and again. However, showing the artist a style you like and some sort of inspiration is completely fine. Being open-minded is the key here and can turn a mass produced tattoo design, into a win-win tattoo-situation.

Don't let your boyfriend/girlfriend/friend/cousin/aunt decide what you're getting. Everyone has an opinion about everything, whether It's about your next tattoo or what kind of car is coolest out there. However, the only opinion that matters is yours and the artist'. So if you're up for a cool butterfly, but your cutie-pie-boyfriend thinks a blue flower would be nice for you, don't settle for less than a badass butterfly. Your tattoo will probably last longer than your boyfriend anyway. Yes, you can have whatever you want. No limits. We often hear people saying "I would love to get a skull, but I should stick to the feminine stuff". Then we say "NO!". Tattoos has no gender and you should not limit yourself just because some parts of society try to tell you how to look and what to wear. So if you feel like getting a badass skull the size of a car, go ahead, you deserve it. #Tattooequality No, It doesn't have to mean anything. A tattoo can have very magical meanings to the owner, but It's not necessary to get a tattoo done. Even though famous tv-shows planted the idea in our heads, that all tattoos had some crazy memorial story behind, it is pure showbiz. Getting a piece of art that looks cool is more than enough reason to get started.

No artistic skills required. Don't worry, we got ya! There is no need for you to be artistic in any way, that's where we get into the equation. Real artists will always draw the design for you, all they need is your idea, but be careful not to put to many into one tattoo, things can easily get messy. Getting 3 flowers with the birthday of all your siblings and the first letter of your 3 aunties, combined with 7 powerful symbols you've collected on your trip to southeast asia 10 years ago, surrounded by DNA strings of 5 extinct mammals won't end up good. Keep it simple, you've got plenty of canvas for those other cool ideas. Pssh, pro-advice... You could also be a real smart fellow and pick one directly from the predrawn books. At Handshake Studio we always have 100's of cool unique designs ready at hand and they are often made with a little reduction in price.

Size matters. How big a tattoo you should get, depends on where on the body and what kind of design you're getting. So having an idea of It being exactly 10cmx15cm might not be the right size the day you show up for your tattoo-session. Some designs with lots of details requires a certain size to make sure the details stay sharp not only the day you walk out the studio, but also after several years of aging. For us It's important that the tattoos can last the test of time and not only do good on a photo. So don't be offended when the artist tells you It's too small to last, It's to avoid the artist doing a disservice to the clients.

Placement, placement, placement. Some designs are also restricted from certain areas of the body. Places like knees, arm-pits/-ditch, stormach, feet etc, has its limitations. Placing a pair of perfectly aligned eyes on the middle of the knee might look good at first sight, but might look very different once you start moving. Placement is a big part of tattooing and could easily fill out a 1000 pages technical manual. So a good advice, listen to the artist tattooing you, his knowledge, experience and laser-sight eyes will help you avoid disaster. ​ Picking the right artist. Picking the right artist for the job is probably the most important step when getting ready for some tatty action. All artists has their own style and techniques, so pick the one with the style you're looking for. A good advice is also being recommended by a friend who's already got tattooed in a studio, since you're able to inspect the healed result. Most studios has several different artists, so you might find one you like within the recommended studio. At Handshake Studio, we always guide people and recommend the best suitable artist for the job, even if It's not one of our own artists. We gladly put any pride aside and recommend somewhere else, if the project isn't within our field of work.

Dont support a douche. Feeling comfortable with the artist and the vibe in the studio is also very important, since you'll remember where you got the tattoo done and as we all know, bad voodoo follows the tattoo. Supporting the right people with the right minds will have a positive impact on the memory attached to the tattoo.

We hope this small collection of advice was useful to you and please feel free to contact us for further information about getting a tattoo done either in our studio or somewhere else. Click here to go to our contact information:

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