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We proudly present Marek "Mercytatz" and Panki "Gypsy blond" as our next two guest artists, coming all the way from Czech Republic. They will join us at Handshake Studio from the 22-24th of July. They are both handpicked for their unique style of tattooing and we're very excited to have them onboard for a couple of days.

For booking information, see in the bottom.

Both Marek and Panki works full time at Ruined Life Tattoo in Plzen, a social tattoo club founded 5 years ago by Panki. "I dont call my self owner of studio, becouse I dont own anybody, I just have bit more responsibility and more obligations" - Panki Even though they styles differs from one another, they both share the same opinion towards experimenting with compositions and designing original pieces, while still honoring the craft of tattooing. "Im very happy to work with open minded people who trust me and who are not afraid of something new. ..But always respect the craft" - Marek

Panki works with traditional lining techniques and big bold and solid filled areas. Even though his techniques are traditional, there is nothing classic about Pankis style of tattooing. His designs often replicates itself, forming trippy never ending horizons, wherever it's a snake or a portrait of your dog. Sometimes both in one. "My work is mix of traditional and neotraditional style, based on bold lines, solid color, whipshading and many times a changing palette of colors. I like to use traditional motifs, mysticism, old sacred symbols, geometry and my psychedelics experiences. Even if you find my work dark, believe me, it is full of love" To see more of Pankis trippy work, go to his instagram @Panki_ruinedlife_tattoo

Marek works with bigscale graphic art perfectly fitted for the body. Solid black areas mixed with high contrast figurative patterns. "In my work I really like to use my designs on unexpected placement on body and raw compositions. Including many kinds of graphic art, textures, lines, solid black parts. I always try to make something new​" If you're looking for something wild, big and completely original you should book in with Marek. Unfortunately, Marek only has limited time, so be quick. To see more of Mareks work, go find him on instagram at @mercytatz

For booking send us an email with a small description of size, placement, motive and what date you are interested in booking at or directly in the studio.

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