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We're proud to announce that the talented @broderson from Germany will be with us for the first time in Handshake Studio from 10-13th of June! Broder loves doing blackwork and oldschool, mixed with finelining and dotwork techniques. His style is very unique and the work is clean and bold. Broder has limited time here in Handshake Studio so be sure to book in now.

For booking information, see in the bottom.

Broder is a tattoo artist based in Hamburg, Germany, were he works from Kodiak Tattoo and is a good friend of Mike.

His illustrative background clearly had a big impact in his tattooing career.

"Before tattooing, I studied communication design and illustrations design, the mix of both has been the perfect foundation for tattooing. I get inspired by the rhythm of music, the sounds of nature and the forms of architecture"

Broder specializes traditional/blackwork-styled fine lining. His work is simple, razorsharp and truly unique, mostly using lines and dots.

"I would describe my tattoo style as oldschool, blackwork, fineline and dotwork. I like to give the typical oldschool a new design and bring in my own touch"

Broder is a very versatile tattoo artist, who will make almost anything look "broder-ish" and he is very open to hearing your ideas. "The motivation of my work is the feeling of happiness in the eyes of the people when they see the finished tattoo. I would not trade anything for this freedom of life" Besides tattooing, Broder has been skating for over 16 years and "I can not wait to explore the beautiful Copenhagen with my skateboard"

For booking send us an email with a small description of size, placement, motive and what date you are interested in booking at or directly in the studio.

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