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Traditional tattoos are often known with thick black lines, large color fills in either black or color, and strong contrasts. Although traditional tattoos have things in common and originate from the same hundred-year-old sources of inspiration, there are not two traditional tattoo artists who have the same line or technique and thank god for that. However, I don't like being boxed as a certain tattoo artist, that is limited to a certain amount of colors or a certain way of drawing designs, just for the sake of "that's how we used to do it". I love the traditional tattooing and the traditions bound to this style, but with a modern mindset. That's why I'm always trying my best to push the limits of those unwritten rules within traditional tattooing, wherever It's the combination of colors or the absurd compositions of the design. I embrace the weird and wicked and so should you!

The sources of inspiration for my work comes from various sources, including old nature books, books on religious mythology, photos from "British Library", philosophical texts and advertisements. Sometimes even simple texts can give rise to artistic expression, whether it is something philosophical, political or just silly, even though It doesn't have to go deeper than just looking cool. Other tattoo artists are also a big source to inspiration and I love that work from so many great artists are so widely available to look at. It is important to point out that these inspirations are for inspiration only and that I never replicate others' works, which will also result in a very different style. With other word, copying other peoples artwork sucks ass big time. ​With that said, It's really hard or nearly impossible to come up with anything original. Somewhere in the world, someone already did what you're doing or thinking about doing. But rethinking and reconceptualising an existing idea can be quite challenging to say the least.

I do my best to design my tattoos and flashes as original as possible and experiment with new and different patterns in my work to keep renewing my designs. Sometimes I incorporate colorful dots into my design, experiment with thin lines or recycle color combinations that I've become fond of. Studying patterns, techniques or compositions is essential to remain a skilled artist that keeps doing cool tattoos, at least in my opinion. Without the experimenting and exploring of new techniques and designs, tattooing would be nothing different than any other labor.

The biggest joy of tattooing is delivering a piece of art that the customer did not expect to receive. Either because their idea was turned upside down or because I had some even cooler ideas, that goes in a completely different direction. You can therefore have an idea of ​​getting a ship, but you end up with the ship being only a fragment of the tattoo itself. For me, It's very important to being able to freely shape and control the design I'm doing, and that's what truly makes tattooing such a fun thing to do every day.

So a big thanks to all the support both me and Mike receives every single day in our tattooing adventure. We do our best to make great tattoos and to make sure you're feeling good and safe here in the studio.

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