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We are happy to announce that the Vancouver-based Vanessa Dong will be guesting Handshake Studio for the first time the 18th to the 23th of February 2019. Vanessa is open for bookings, make sure to get a spot during her stay.

For booking information, see in the bottom.

Vanessa is a tattoo artist based in Vancouver, BC. She specializes in floral/botanical black and grey work. Her work is intricate, delicate and sharp. Vanessa has an special eye for design and details - that shows in how her motives neatly wraps around and fits perfectly where ever the body placement.

Vanessa has a Bachelors Degree in Communication and Design.

She is currently based out of a private studio in East Vancouver.

Her work has been featured on Hypebae, Daily Hive Vancouver, Narcity Canada as well as The Mix Society.

Vanessa loves creating pieces for her clients that are one of a kind.

With the high level of drawing Vanessa has reached an expert flow and now being able to freehand large tattoo designs effortlessly

For booking send us an email with a small description of size, placement, motive and what date you are interested in booking at or directly in the studio.

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