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Handshake Studio has had the pleasure of having a new face on the Handshake Team for 4 weeks. Introducing the charming gentleman & coffee expert, Trevor. Skilled in many fields he holds real know how within; coffee making, script writing, video editing & photoshop'ing with much more.

Trevor is a coffee connaisseur with the knowledge of the science behind every coffee bean process in the business. Being a former boss managing two coffeeshops at the same time, his expertise comes from hard work.

Starting his morning with a good old cup of coffee, he sets off the day to help us at Handshake Studio. Filling up the coffeemachine with empty coffee capsules, Trevor is an efficient hardworking bee - already within the first 10 minutes, he gained access to our Wifi network and fixed it with, what he calls "easy hacking techniques".

Keep in mind we are not only a tattoo studio but also hold other amazing creative people and want to connect tattoos, art, photography, graphic design & fashion - hence we want to make a whole community around that particular connection. Mister Trevor drinks a sip of his coffee and out comes ideas and thoughts that might help shape the perception of Handshake Studio in better ways. Lets just say, Trevor is clever :)

Find some of his mad shit on his blog

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