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Halloween party in a tattoo shop. Handshake studio - Sølvgade 34

It's that time of the year again and we're looking forward to see you all again to our annual

"Halloween at Handshake Studio" party,

this year we're able to house even more people in our studio at

Sølvgade 34. As usual, we'll have snacks, coffee, cold drinks, beer, spooky Halloween punch,

and a brand new "Glory Game" tattoo raffle where the tattoo gods will decide your destiny.

Literally. The "Glory Game" 1. Pay the 500 DKr entry fee 2. Choose if you want a black or colored tattoo 3. You get blindfolded and put your arm/leg into the Tattoo gods lair. 4. Surprise, you got a new cool tattoo from either

Mike Ho or TattooSved. No regrets! No need to dress up and look silly,

just bring a friend and come by for a cold Carlsberg,

a nice chat or a cool tattoo. Can’t wait to see you all. Rules * The designs will vary in size and detail. Designs will be posted up until the event.

Both Mike Ho and TattooSved will attend. * One Tattoo is 500 Kr.

* All possible designs are visible before entering the game and

you're able to ban 1 of the designs. * You cannot pick your own design.

The tattoo will be picked by either TattooSved or Mike Ho

from the board of premade tattoo designs. * You won't be able to see the tattoo before it's all done * All designs will be made only ONCE

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