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Tattoosved concentrated and engaged. Drawing in the new studio: Handshake

We've been up and running for roughly 1 month in the new studio at Sølvgade 34 and we are more than happy with how everything turned out. Besides tattooing and drawing, we're also working on our plans for the future events in Handshake Studio, including drawing-nights, halloweenparty, cozy walk-ins and a friday bar now and then. We'll unveil the dates along the way, so be sure to be up to date on our instagram @Handshakestudio.

Mike Ho taking a picture of a new tattoo in the new studio - Handshake Studio

We hope everyone dropping in is enjoying the cozy atmosphere we're trying to create in our bright and spacious tattoo studio. The studio will evolve over the next couple of months, while more plants, art and other cool stuff will find its place. We're also pretty sure that we'll install a little minibar. Getting tattooed with a whiskey on the rocks in your hands, not bad huh?

Some tattoos done in the new studio. Handshake Studio.

We are looking forward to share all the cool and crazy events with you and hope you'll all participate in it. First event will be a drawing night the 27th of September. Beginner or expert, drawing nights is for everyone looking to explore their creative mind. We'll make sure there is pen and paper. We'll also serve coffee, tea and water.

Future tattoo in the making. Tattoosved drawing flowers. His unique style surrounds the new studio: Handshake Studio.

We are always open for bookings, so if you have any ideas for your new tattoo,

and want to book in, let us know by sending us an email:

or feel free to stop by our shop for a talk.

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