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Mike Ho - The artist and founder of Handshake Studio.

Mike have with time many chapters in his path before finding his way into tattooing. Did you for example know; he dropped out of college, is an autodidact graphic designer who worked many years in advertising and an army certified Krav Maga instructor?

Being a hardworking rebellion have enlighten Mike to embrace his passion in a playful and perfectionist manner.

What is a tattoo for you:

Self-expression. Image. Art. My passion.

Why Handshake Studio:

I wanted to have a place with an island mode feeling, where people would feel at ease.

I want to contribute to a good experience and an awesome tattoo. To have the opportunity to guide people is very fullfillng.

What is your customers to you:

My livelihood.

When I tattoo there often occurs a mutual atmosphere of trust, that can take my customer and I into very deep, abstract and fun conversations. These moments inspire and motivates me as a social being and as an artist.

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