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We teamed up with Michal, the awesome dude behind Optic Camouflage and FLSHVN - and wanted to do a photosession with our cool customers. Here’s what came out of it - we might do some more in the future, let us know if you are interested in showcasing the work of Mike and spread the word and good vibes.

We all asked them the same questions, read their inkputs below.


Lars - Chef

He enjoys the ink process, and have a lot of tattoos from several artists around the world, each leaving their own personal mark on his skin.

What is a tattoo for you:

Well to be honest, it just started as a fun thing to do - with no deeper meaning to it. Its fun even though its painful getting inked, but it gives som a kind of peace of mind. In that moment you are free to do other stuff because you have to be present.

What is your passion:

Football, Football, Football and a little cooking :)

Why Mike/Handshake Studio:

Mike is just so kind and very different from others I got tattoos by, and his pace is just right. Big props since he is really good at talking with his customer during the sessions.

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