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Welcome to our newest member of the Handshake Family , Jonny. He

is versatile in most tattooing styles and always open to walkin projects!

Jonny is from the UK, and comes from a fine art background and used to curate art and did all sorts of things from measuring frames and nerding out compositions in art spaces. He has been tattooing professionally since 2012 and is an expertly experienced and versatile tattooer who offers clean and sharp tattoos.

He very much enjoys making tattoos that have a classic and timeless look, whilst also adding fantasy and sci-fi elements from pop culture, to give a playful, modern twist to traditional subject matters.

More recently Jonny has also been experimenting mixing different techniques and textures from his paintings into his tattooing, such as brushstrokes and dot work, to make some really exciting tattoos, whilst still touching on very classic tattoo based imagery.

Anything from bold full colour, to fine line black and grey, you will be hard pressed to find something that he can’t get excited about making into a tattoo for you. However, for those extra special nerdy requests, he is definitely your guy.

Feel free to contact him through instagram @jonnyrhodestattoo or on email

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