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RENACE We're happy to announce that the artist Renace will be joining us at Handshake Studio from August 28th -September 2nd. He will be working at the studio 6 days only, so make sure you grab your own spot while he is with us in Copenhagen.

"Before I started tattooing, I spent all my time doing graffiti and painting on different surfaces in the streets. Later on, I was into applying my art on fabrics experimenting with screen printing."

"After turning 20 years old, I encountered tattoo art, and since then, I haven't let go of the tattoo machine."

"My art is based on *blackwork*, inspired by nature, using clean lines, solid black and pointillism of dragging as well as soft shading - achieving the balance of well contrasted lights and shadings."

Now, I am in the process of artistic discovery, and I am searching for my identity. This is why I decided to travel - to grow artistically and discover new worlds and inspiration. I have my family in Malmo and I haven't seen them for a long time, which is also the reason for me traveling to Copenhagen.

For booking contact Renace directly via his instagram


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