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A L O Ë W A Y A We're happy to announce that Aloë Waya will be joining us at handshake studio June 16th -17th doing her thing.

She comes all the way from Amsterdam, Netherlands and will be working 2 days only,

so be quick to ensure your own spot for a unique tattooing experience.

Aloë works with a sharp contrast of thick and thin lines combined with solid shading with aestethics from traditional tattooing, also known as "Blackwork Traditional" . Book in with @aloewaya now to get your very own solid blackwork tattoo.

Aloë is a 30 year old tattoo artist hailing from Amsterdam and have been tattooing all the way back since 2012, working across several shops in her native country and outside the dutch borders. Meaning she has a tonne of experience in making an immensely sharp tattoo the will hold up with time. As the oldtimers would say "BOLD WILL HOLD".

"From a young age, drawing has been a lifelong passion, which led me to pursue a career in tattooing. I began practicing on friends at 17, and by 20, I secured my first job at Hanky Panky, a shop located in Amsterdam's renowned red light district."

As you probaly know ,being in a walk-in shop demands a whole lot of you to perform your best everyday as a tattoo artist.

"This year, I am eager to broaden my horizons through guest spots, allowing me to connect with other tattooers and continue developing my style and skills. Traveling and tattooing have always been my dreams, and I am excited to explore new opportunities."

For booking send her an email with a small description of size, placement, motive and what date you are interested in booking at or directly by her instagram at


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